Monthly Archives: July 2003


I’m writing this on the train ride from hell on the way home from a three day trip to Boston. I thought I’d be clever and take Amtrak because their high speed Acela trains have electric outlets so while viewing the New England coastline slip by I could catch up on my email backlog.

Little did I realize how badly I would need that outlet – it’s now going on six hours and I’m still in Connecticut! Crying babies and a second engine change later and I thank the lord above that I brought my MD Walkman to keep me sane. My train is called the Silver Meteor – little did they realize how apt that name is – we’ve been crashing and burning our way south and are on our third engine.


julia with birthday card

Julia doesn’t quite have the card up the right way around but it’s the thought that counts – thank you for the kind card Richard & Diedre!

Branch down


Just yesterday had a 20′ branch come down off a tree in our front yard. We’re lucky no one got hurt or anything was damaged. Turns out the inside of the branch was eaten away by carpenter ants – insect guys coming over to check out our house and tree but I’m now worried that we’re going to loose an 80-year old maple that graces our front yard and provides shade from the hot summer sun.