Sparkletack is Back!

sparkletack.jpgMy favorite podcast , Sparkletack – the San Francisco history podcast, as told by a distant relative of Mark Twain, is back after a longish hiatus. If you, like me, have a long commute and are looking for something to listen to and enjoy a good tale, subscribe to Richard’s podcast.

The latest episode, The Crocker Spite Fence, is about the 40-foot tall fence built by the railroad baron Charles Crocker around the one fellow who would not sell so that Crocker could build his hill top mansion on Nob Hill.

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4 thoughts on “Sparkletack is Back!”

  1. I cannot open your #57 and need the information about the Reber Plan that you include. The site was up yesterday but not today.

  2. Hi John,

    I just sent Richard, the publisher of the site, an email to let him know his site was down. Hopefully he can give it a swift kick and get it running again!

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