Monthly Archives: November 2013

Technology as Connective Tissue

Two tear-jerker videos illustrate the power of technology to connect over distance. Watch and marvel the world we live in. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Google Search services connect two old friends across political boundaries. This video was put together by the Google India team.

Skype connects two girls on opposite ends of the earth who share a disability, part of Skype’s Stay Together campaign.

Van Damme Splits Volvo Trucks

Jea-Claude Van Damme Missing

Yesterday I saw this on a lightpost on the way to work. Kinda random. I walked on. There’s a link to the full image, some tumbler with links to the pdf so that people can print them out and post them on their own.

Today I see this video of Van Damme doing his “famous split” again.

There’s a whole series of these “live tests” starting from August 15th by the Swedish advertising firm Forsman & Bodenfors.