In addition to the feel-good-giving-back impulse to give credit to those that inspire you, I look at this list as bibliography of sorts, a list of my raw inputs. My impulse to share is best described in a New York Times post which describes re-blogging and tweeting as “metacuration” which leads to controlled serendipity. Through the act of sharing, I learn, connect, and learn again. My life’s interest is in tools which assist in the curation of lists such as these.

Here’s a list of some my information sources.

Read-In, a collection of blogs that I try to read every day

  • Anil Dash – I used to work with Anil at Six Apart. He has a keen insight on how to hack media
  • Clay Shirky – Another great mind on the intersection of media and the internet
  • John Battelle – searchblog. Author of The Search, co-organizer of the Web 2.0 Summit, John is a great filter to follow

Finland, I used to live there

  • Arctic Startup – Antti, Ville, and Mikka are single-handedly introducing the very vibrant Nordic startup scene to the rest of the world.
  • Helsinki According to PPusa – daily photos of Helsinki by a very talented photographer

Fun, because everyone needs some relief

  • Laughing Squid – Scott Beale not only hosts my blog, he also is a wonderful curator of internet memes
  • Urban Prankster – Charlie Todd is the guy behind Improv Everywhere
  • 27b/6 – David Thorne is unique. Go read it
  • Pink Tentacle – all things weird and wonderful from Japan.

Mobile Industry

  • Russell Beattie – Russ has been hacking on mobile for years. He now works at Nokia Research.
  • Mobile Industry Review – Ewan Macleod is famous for his rants which are brutal but honest
  • asymco – Horace Dediu is my “go to” for financial analysis of the industry and associated chip vendors

Firehose. I usually let techmeme and twitter tell me what’s important but it’s always good to have your own sources too.

  • Gigaom – I work here, it’s the best.
  • Scripting News – Dave Winer’s been around for ages. Some think he’s a pain in the ass but I think he’s brilliant.
  • ReadWriteWeb – I have been reading them since they started. A bit more thoughtful than their rival, TC.
  • Ars Technica – They take a different slant on tech. Always something new.


  • Kent Brewster – he doesn’t post as much since he left Yahoo but when he does, it’s always instructive.
  • Aku Aku – Dav is my brother in-law and loves to tinker
  • jr conlin – co-conspirator from Yahoo days, now waving his flag over at Mozilla. JR’s writing style and spirit speaks to the soul of hacking.


  • minimally minimal – Andrew Kim is a Korean designer, raised in Vancouver and studying in Los Angeles. He takes great photos.


  • Cameron Marlow – one of the few research scientists at facebook, Cameron not only has access to a goldmine of information, he is perceptive enough to interpret it
  • Chris Messina – a great person to follow if you’re interested in the social web and activity streams. Chris works at Google and writes with candor and honesty. His flickr feed of sceenshots is legendary.
  • StraussBlog – Jonathan Strauss writes with intelligence, wit, and enthusiasm.
  • Techcraver – I like how Jason writes about phones. One of these days I hope to meet him.

Product Blogs

  • Code: flickr developer blog – they have the best API on the web so when they post about new methods to use it, I want to read it
  • Facebook Developer blog – the latest on the world’s largest social platform
  • Lifestream Blog – not a single product, more a collection of products. Those of you who read me know that I’m a huge fan of Lifestreams


  • NPR’s Planet Money – asset-backed financial derivatives in plain English.
  • Paul Krugman – NY Times columnist, Princeton Economics Professor, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Other Sources

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