Month: November 2003

  • Leaf Blowers

    The last of the leaf-blowers has been put away and the lawns are clear for the first winter snow. The annual blowing of the leaves is a tradition in the neighborhood that I only now begin to appreciate. The first year we were here, I thought that leaf blowers were for wimps. I scoffed at…

  • Local Vineyard in New Jersey

    We have a local vineyard. Our friends brought over a bottle of their 2001 Merlot and it was not bad at all.

  • Moblog

    My sister was just over for a visit with her and took lots of photos for her moblog site.

  • Important Lesson

    Tyler learned an important lesson today. He came up to me over the weekend all excited because he had a new lego car that he wanted to show me. It didn’t look familiar and I asked him where he got the car. When he said he got it from school and I asked him if…