Month: February 2004

  • AOLiza

    This is pretty rich. Remember the old AI program Eliza? AOLiza Using a publicly available Perl version of ELIZA, a Mac with nothing better to do than play psychoanalyst, a few applescripts, and an AOL Instant Messenger account that has a high rate of ‘random’ people trying to start conversations, I put ELIZA in touch…

  • Yewww. . .

    From the more than you ever wanted to know department, here’s this posting about Vile acts in the sport of Rugby

  • Spring in the Air?

    I went running outside for the first time this year!

  • Happy Kid

    Today we had a chat with Tyler’s teacher and she reports that he is a good listener with improving motor skills (he’s doing better at coloring between the lines) and is “exuberant, one of the happiest kids in the class.” He is ready for Kindergarten next year.

  • Solar System

    I taught Tyler a little bit about the solar system and I could tell he was taking it in and trying to apply it to the world around him. A few days later, when I told him that I’m going on a long plane ride for a business trip (I’m in San Francisco for a…

  • Names

    Next time you need to come up with an interesting cast of characters for a short story, try the Kleimo Random Name Generator. Taking publicly available data from the US Census, this little script pulls together first and last names with wonderful consequences. Modesto Loofbourrow?