The local paper in Loudon, TN finally got around to running a story on our April trip. I’ve since been back a second time but the greased wheels of the media run a bit slower down there. More pictures from the first trip, along with a photo of the photographer are here.

Funny to think it’s quicker and easier to post photos onto a web page that can be viewed immediately by folks around the world than it is for traditional media to get the word out via the local paper. I got this scan from my Uncle who sent it to me via email and now I’m posting it to this page where it will get crawled by search engines. If local reporter Patty Robichaud then looks for where her name is mentioned in conjunction with her hometown, Loudon, Tennessee, she’ll see the reference to her name along with the headline she wrote and will land right back here looking at a scan of her original story with a link to her taking the photograph.

It’s kind of like a 21st century version of that old children’s book, Paddle-to-the-Sea.