Month: July 2004

  • Leaving Do

    Thank you everyone that made it last night to my send off. It was great to reminisce about old times and share stories from days gone by. It seems like St. Thomas and the coming together of the JV is burned in everyone’s memories as a particular highlight but there were also plenty of other […]

  • MSN Newsbot – US Version

    UPDATE: Correction. I see that the US Newsbot site has launched this morning and is framed as subset of the overall MSNBC site. According to this CNet article, Microsoft will launch Newsbot on Tuesday next week. Although it doesn’t spell this out explicitly, it appears that this will be a site focused on aggregating news […]

  • Expensive Tastes

    Julia, who often sleeps between us, woke up this morning and let us know her breakfast wishes. “I’m hungry. I want sushi.” Yikes.

  • MSN Newsbot expands coverage

    Depending upon your perspective, Microsoft is either dancing around or zoning in on perfecting their news searching technology with their launch of six new regions of their Newsbot beta. Belgium Germany Ireland Switzerland (French) Switzerland (German) US (Spanish) Indonesia Philippines This brings the total to 17 regional views of the news.

  • 24 Hours Non-Stop Blogging

    Hooray to Mie and Dav who just finished 24 hours of non-stop blogging.

  • Tokyo & New York Photos

    I finally got around to posting pictures from my trip to Japan and while I was at it, a weekend trip to New York City where Tyler asked another good question.

  • Wonderful Web World

    Wonderful Web World

    As I look for the cross-section of schools and interesting-but-reasonably-priced places to exist (does such a thing exist in the Bay Area?) I found myself wanting for a school district map overlayed on top of a map showing available placed to live. I’ve found pieces of the puzzle: SF School District Map SF Zip […]

  • For Sale

    On Wednesday, the real estate agent’s “For Sale” sign went up on our home. I knew this would be traumatic for us all but I had no idea how much. Of course we had prepped the neighbors but seeing the sign out there, with it’s brash “Buy Me” red letters really drove a stake through […]

  • Click Fraud

    Write up in CNet on a dark secret known amongst the interactive advertising industry. There are a number of sites out there which artificially generate banner clicks from automated bots and use that to scam Google, Overture, and other ad syndication networks which serve up advertising and pay out commissions for clickthroughs. This pay-for-performance gaming […]

  • On things being in more than one place

    Infoworld’s Jon Udell posts outtakes from his interview with Quentin Clark, the director of program management for Microsoft’s WinFS that will serve as core technology of the next generation of Windows code-named Longhorn. Of particular interest is his take on Outlook’s current limitations and the problems posed by trying to work through this: . . […]