Day: July 6, 2004

  • San Francisco for the weekend

    With the family away it seemed like a good time to get away for a quick trip out to the left coast for the long weekend. Beautiful weather, fun times, and random photos from the weekend.

  • Oops!

    The New York Post jumped the gun on their morning edition and picked the wrong horse for the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination on their cover story. The offending file was quickly removed from their web site but not soon enough for Reuters to pick it up and get a comment from the Post’s rival across […]

  • The Independent on Search

    Charles Arthur, who writes for the UK paper, The Independent puts the Search conundrum in plain English, Yet it’s strange that it’s a lot easier to find something on the web than on my desk; and easier to find something on the web than on my computer. You would think one would store the things […]

  • Email is broken

    Peter Coffee writes in Goodbye to Email that spam, phishing, and the hide-and-seek games that spammers play in trying to outwit new email filter schemes is causing so much headache that some Enterprise IT manager’s are looking at alternative communication channels such as application-to-application links. . . . the fraction of e-mail comprising spam rose […]