Day: September 16, 2004

  • Firefox moves into 1.0

    The popular alternative to Microsoft Explorer, Mozillla’s Firefox, released it’s 1.0 preview on Tuesday. There’s been a steady increase in the number of Firefox installs as folks start to move away from IE in the wake of all its security problems. On my personal site, I’ve seen Mozilla and Safari traffic grow to where it […]

  • The much overstated demise of RSS

    CNet today sums up the current debate of the future of RSS. Robert Scoble at Microsoft set off a firestorm when he claimed that RSS is broken because of the bandwidth spikes set off by readers everywhere that are set to go off on the hour. Dave Winer, defender and champion of the protocol, quickly […]

  • Crazy Weather, Man

    Watched an entertaining report from a CNN weatherman “reporting live from the eye of Hurricane Ivan” as he tried to hold an intelligent conversation while holding himself up with one hand on a rail and another on his microphone. He kept getting swept off camera with cries of, “whoa bessy” and then clawing himself back […]