Day: September 20, 2004

  • This story has legs

    This week’s Time Magazine has Dan Rather on the cover with the title, "Who Owns the Truth" which should be a page-turner for anyone in the blogging industry. Previously and editor for The New Republic, now a brand name blogger, Andrew Sullivan writes a piece in which concludes that the ecosystem of old media and […]

  • Surfing One Huge Wave

    The site that hosts this video tries to pawn this off as a shot of someone surfing Hurricane Ivan but the comments seem to agree that this 70 foot plus monster was off the coast of Hawaii at a place called Jaws and that the guy did make it after all. Still, the video has […]

  • House Hunting

    Tyler and Julia now get in on the game and construct the perfect home with sofa pillows. Some heated debate then tears over where to put the kitchen then a gentle lesson on re-sale value and financing options then its off to bed for both of them.

  • Cracking open the nut

    In contrast to my earlier post, The Guardian writes about the benefits of online versions of old media outlets (in this instance the Wall Street Journal) opening up their subscription walls to bloggers in order to drive up interest (and ad banner traffic) on their sites. Here is an instance where the “meme-of-the-moment” culture of […]

  • Old Media: Beacon or Servant?

    Over on Due Diligence, Tim Oren posts a lengthy but well-worth it read summarizing the conundrum old media faces as it’s 350 year old business model is chipped away by the superior flexibility and reach of digital media indexed by search engines and distributed by RSS. The business proposition of subscription bundles to both the […]