Day: September 30, 2004

  • Mexed Missages?

    Phew! The first presidential debate is over and President Bush grasped to his single flip-flop theme like a mouse to a reed in a stormy sea. Bush kept coming back and accusing Kerry of changing his position on issues, over and over with such regularity that I began to think this was all he had […]

  • Google News Forever in Beta

    Why has Google News been in Beta for three years? Because as soon as they try and place ads on the Google News pages to monetize the traffic, they’ll be hit with a barrage of cease & desist letters from publishers around the world says Wired’s Adam Penenberg.

  • Improving RSS

    In response to the growing popularity of RSS and it’s increasing demands for bandwidth, Bloglines has announced a new web services API which they are making publicly available. In other news, the redesign of My Yahoo is all about leveraging RSS feeds as the preferred method of integrating content into the portal. With the daily […]

  • Big Blue Masala

    IBM will release a new corporate search engine, the “DB2 Information Integrator” (code-named Masala) tomorrow reports CNet and eWeek. The information integrator is able to do this because it can search rapidly across multiple databases, including relational and non-relational databases and structured and unstructured data such as text files, word documents, Adobe Acrobat files, video […]