Day: October 4, 2004

  • From Vivisimo comes, Clutsy the Search Engine

    From Vivisimo comes, Clutsy the search engine which has elicited guffaws over it’s name, coined to evoke a clustered set of search results but instead brings to mind a buck-toothed, all-thumbed version of the more refined Mr. Jeeves. The jury is still out for me on this as I’m so well-trained that I usually am…

  • Blogs on Jeopardy

    As a self-titled weblog about the intersection of media, technology, and finance, the appearance of Blogs on Jeopardy cannot go ignored. I’m off to Web 2.0 tomorrow. Look me up if you’re there.

  • Reunion Brunch

    The other great thing that happened this weekend is that we hooked up with some old friends from our Tokyo days for brunch at the Carnelian Room on top of the Bank of America building in downtown San Francisco. It was great to catch up with everyone but it’s hard to believe that we’ve all…