State of the blogosphere: Big Media vs. Blogs

I would be remiss if I did not mention that David Sifry recently published an analysis of the influence of blogs versus the big media sites. Influence on the online world is measured by the number of inbound links which is a core strength of Technorati.

Not only is it interesting that 6 of the top 15 sites are blog sites, Kotokke notes that only 16 of the top 100 are without advertising.

Conclusions? That blogs are holding more sway over online opinions and that almost all of the most popular sites are ad supported.

WinFS as a GUI to Search

Microsoft blogger Dare Obasanjo digs at Google’s Desktop Search and points to data visualization as the key to the success of Microsoft’s delayed WinFS. While Google and other “command line” search tools are useful for finding that one file that lays somewhere on the internet or on your hard drive, there is clearly a need for an easier way to browse through results visually. If it’s a picture, display the thumbnail – I don’t care if it’s a jpeg, gif, or Photoshop file.

The promise of WinFS is that it aims to turn every application [including file navigation applications like Windows explorer] into the equivalent of Outlook and iTunes when it comes to data visualization and navigation by baking such functionality into the file system APIs and data model. Trying to reduce that to “full text search plus indexing” is missing the forest for the trees. Sure that may get you part of the way but in the end it’s like driving a car with your feet. There is a better way and it is much closer than most people think.