Month: October 2004

  • Blogs on Jeopardy

    As a self-titled weblog about the intersection of media, technology, and finance, the appearance of Blogs on Jeopardy cannot go ignored. I’m off to Web 2.0 tomorrow. Look me up if you’re there.

  • Reunion Brunch

    The other great thing that happened this weekend is that we hooked up with some old friends from our Tokyo days for brunch at the Carnelian Room on top of the Bank of America building in downtown San Francisco. It was great to catch up with everyone but it’s hard to believe that we’ve all […]

  • More ways to get there. A9 from Amazon

    Amazon’s A9 came out of beta with much fanfare and continues to get rave reviews because of a new feature which keeps track of your search history. This can be quite useful for those that are trying to retrace their steps to get at a vital piece of information. Bookmarks are single points of reference […]

  • Home at Last!

    Almost two months to the day of searching and we finally got the house of our dreams. We are now going to be residents of the Island of Alameda! We must have reviewed at least 50 houses and were in bidding wars on three of them. I was beginning to get blase about the whole […]

  • Fear Monger

    How do you win an election when you’ve driven up the national debt, sent 90% of the active military into harm’s way to neutralize weapons that don’t exist and ostracized yourself from the world community by ignoring them and mis-pronouncing the names of their leaders. You scare the bejezus out of the electorate, that’s what!

  • The uncertain future of Internet Explorer?

    It’s been three years since a significant update to IE. Has Microsoft abandoned IE? Microsoft’s last major browser release was in August 2001. The company in the summer of 2003 discontinued its browser for the Macintosh and said it would issue no more standalone versions of IE. Last month, the company released new IE security […]