Day: November 18, 2004

  • Blogs for the Enterprise

    I’m starting a new category today to bring together news about the inevitable march of blogs into the corporate space. InfoWorld talks with Google about it’s internal use of Blogger and the benefits they’ve seen from it: "Since then, we have seen a lot of different uses of blogs within the firewall: people keeping track…

  • Soccer Champion

    Last Sunday was the last day of the Alameda Soccer club season. Tyler’s coach, Jim Koermer, was amazing. He went out of his way to bake a cake (with little soccer men on it) and on his own dime bought all the kids a trophy; everyone was beaming. Thanks Coach!

  • Library Card

    Library Card

    Now that we have a permanent address and can prove to the local library that we’re not going to pinch their books, Izumi was able to get Tyler his library card. Only one other litmus test – he needs to be able to write his own name.

  • Giant Robo

    I finally got the digital camera hooked up to the Mac and pulled out the photos that were sitting in storage. Here’s a photo of the giant robot that I constructed with my neighbors out of some of the empty moving boxes.