White Rabbit

Now I know where Jefferson Airplane gets their inspiration for their songs. Chinese candy!


Boating with my neighbor

My neighbor has a small powerboat that he takes out to cruise around the Bay, including over to SBC Park where he’s got season tickets to see the Giants. This morning, at his invitation, Tyler and I went out to cruise around Alameda Island passing the giant cargo cranes (pictured) on the way out of the estuary that lies between the Island and West Oakland. These cranes were built by Hitachi many years ago and passing them one time on the Bart train, the driver came on the PA to tell the passengers that the cranes were the inspiration for the Imperial Walkers in the Star Wars films.

Once we cleared Alameda Point, we were hit by the full force of the wind and water on the open Bay. We then spent the next 20 minutes soaking ourselves as we motored down the leeward side of the Island. Tyler and the neighbor’s son, Julian, whooped it up enjoying the morning thrill but as a parent I was a bit concerned with all the violent thumping – happy to have noted earlier that the hull was “Kevlar enforced.”Drying off later, we headed into the city for supper in Chinatown. Another weekend in San Francisco.

Current Events

Tim O’Reilly on Web 2.0

Richard of  Read/Write Web interviews Tim O’Reilly on the idea of Web 2.0 which, since the conference, has become the codeword for the web as a platform meme. Here’s Tim on RSS:

I mean it’s the classic example of Clayton Christensen’s innovator’s dilemma. When HTML came out everybody said “Hey this is so crude, you can’t build rich interfaces like
you can on a PC – it’ll never work”. Well it did something that people wanted, it kind of grew more and more popular, became more and more powerful, people figured out ways to
extend it. Yes a lot of those extensions were kludges, but HTML really took over the world. And I think RSS is very much on the same track. It started out doing a fairly simple job, people found more and more creative things to do with it, and hack by hack it
has become more powerful, more useful, more important. And I don’t think the story is over yet.

Fresh Fish

We made our way up to the 99 Ranch Market, in El Cerrito for a spot of shopping. The market is part of a larger complex which, once you enter the doors, transports you to what could be any mall in Hong Kong. Tanks of live fish, crabs, lobster, oysters, clams, even a white catfish which Tyler spotted, it’s all there.

We loaded up on good rice, oxtail, frozen squid, enoki mushrooms, Japanese sweet potatoes, persimmons, all sorts of good stuff that you can’t find at your local Safeway.

Later that evening, we went to Oakland for pizza and a movie with the neighbors.


Wise Guy

When the kids ask for something without saying "please," we teach them to use the magic word. This morning when I prompted Tyler with, "What’s the magic word?" Tyler said:


In other news, Tyler also mis-spoke on a present given to him by Grandma Takei. It’s a small, light green teddy bear that has a peridot gemstone on it’s colla. His name is Peridot. I’m not sure he knows the association he’s making but he’s calling it Baba-dot* instead.

*Baba translates roughly as "old hag" in Japanese


Blogs for the Enterprise

I’m starting a new category today to bring together news about the inevitable march of blogs into the corporate space. InfoWorld talks with Google about it’s internal use of Blogger and the benefits they’ve seen from it:

"Since then, we have seen a lot of different uses of blogs within the firewall: people keeping track of meeting notes, people sharing diagnostics information, people sharing snippets of code, as well as more personal uses, like letting co-workers know what they’re thinking about and what they’re up to," Goldman said. "It really helps grow the intranet and the internal base of documents."

Allen Weiner of Gartner is quoted on how weblog companies are nipping at the heels of the larger content management solutions and forced to address this new functionality, some of them are adding blogging to their kit bag.

What is undeniable is that there is a growing interest among businesses towards blogs as business communication tools, particularly among IT departments, Weiner said. "The mandate of IT organizations today is to do more with less, so the better they can communicate and share things, the more efficient their operations will be," he said. "There’s a huge benefit in blogging for companies implementing IT projects. It’s going to be a growing trend over the next couple of years."

Full disclosure – I work for Six Apart and we are actively interested in driving this trend.


Soccer Champion

Last Sunday was the last day of the Alameda Soccer club season. Tyler’s coach, Jim Koermer, was amazing. He went out of his way to bake a cake (with little soccer men on it) and on his own dime bought all the kids a trophy; everyone was beaming.

Thanks Coach!


Library Card

Now that we have a permanent address and can prove to the local library that we’re not going to pinch their books, Izumi was able to get Tyler his library card. Only one other litmus test – he needs to be able to write his own name.


Giant Robo

I finally got the digital camera hooked up to the Mac and pulled out the photos that were sitting in storage. Here’s a photo of the giant robot that I constructed with my neighbors out of some of the empty moving boxes.

MSN Desktop Search

Windows fan site Neowin leaks screenshots of the makeover of Lookout, the two man company that Microsoft recently purchased. The index, of course, only works across the browser cache in Internet Explorer. Here’s to hoping that Google goes for differentiation by configuring their Desktop search to index the Firefox cache.