That’s not so funny!

Tyler accused me of lying last night. He said I had deceived him when I was describing the funnybone in your elbow. Turns out he tested my theory when he took a spill and banged his elbow. It didn’t feel funny and he didn’t laugh. In fact, it hurt quite a bit!

The myths are falling by the wayside. He also spit out his toothpaste onto a blob of mine that was in the sink as we brushed out teeth together and found out it didn’t explode after all.

Current Events

Tivo Sells Out?

The LA Times reports that Tivo will now insert advertiser logos onto the screen when you fast forward through commercials. PVRBlog says:

Now, I haven’t seen any actual demos of it in action, and this comment from earlier today claims to be from a TiVo employee and says it’ll be tasteful and unobtrusive, but I have a feeling this is a bad precedent and it’ll get uglier as companies pay more for the primo space.

Debate rages as to whether these new ads will remain tasteful and unobtrusive as the other things Tivo has done or if this is the first step towards selling out screen real estate until we get the mish-mash of banners that is the Comcast’s Digital Cable interface of today. Then again, it looks like Comcast and Microsoft are up to something that will change their whole TV viewing experience as well and it looks to be for the better.

Tivo or Comcast – which would you choose?


A picture is worth a thousand comments

We’ve all seen how the comments section of a blog can sometimes turn into a pile-on of epic proportions. In this thread, an innocent travel snapshot sparks a metaphysical debate over hidden political and social symbolism. Six days later, the original poster tunes back in and posts "
Have you all lost your minds?"


More details on Apple’s Spotlight

A technical document recently posted on Apple’s developer site details Spotlight, the new desktop search technology due in the next release of the Mac OS.

But more than a collection of individual technologies that work
together, Spotlight gives you the ability to plug your application into the operating system and work with files in a totally new way. For example, if you were building an asset management application you could use Spotlight to find all of the files that match certain criteria rather than trying to slog through the file system yourself. Or, if your application specialized in supporting various kinds of workflows, you could use Spotlight to find all of the files that needed to be marked with a particular keyword. Once you get used to working with files in this new way, you’ll never want to go back.

Current Events

Guessing what you’re after

I just downloaded Firefox 1.0 this morning and with my Noia theme there’s a big blue lollipop thing right next to the address bar. Hover text says, "Type a location in the address field, then click Go"

It looks like it’s using the Google "I’m feeling Lucky" result which I stayed away from because of the labeling ("feeling lucky? nah, I’m here doing research!"). Once I tried it though, I was amazed at how many times it found exactly what I was looking for.



This photo is from a couple of weeks ago when we were still in the rental but it shows how we all feel these days – exhausted! It’s been a heroic few weeks as we unpacked boxes and slapped things into shape. Izumi did most of the work while the rest of us got distracted by long lost photos and toys that had been packed away for the past two months.

We’ve ripped up the ratty, cat-smelling carpet in the “plus” room downstairs, smoothed and leveled out the concrete slab and put down a new wood floor. It totally brightens up the room and makes it a much nicer space for the kids to play in.

We took Tyler over for his first day at his new school. We thought we were looking all smart in our newly unpacked clothes for our meeting with his new teacher but didn’t notice it until we got out of the car – all four of us reeked of mothballs. Ms. Fong-Wedgewood politely didn’t mention it but she must have wondered if we were boxed up along with all our stuff as well.

Tyler’s school is in the same district so the curriculum matched perfectly and he was able to pick up without losing a beat. He loves his new teacher and already has made a few friends. It’s great to see that he can fit in so easily, if there’s one thing at which he is a natural, it’s making new friends.

Playing with WYSIWYG


Having fun with the new TypePad interface that lets you create and edit posts using a new GUI Graphical User Interface. It’s really cool! You can read all about it here.

Naked Stowaway

I’ve never needed to catch a flight this badly.