Day: December 10, 2004

  • Mother & Daughter

    Mother & Daughter

    Julia still wakes up pretty regularly at around 11pm wanting the quick reassurance of her mother. It’s now a routine. I go upstairs where she is crying in bed, scoop her out of the darkness of her bed, then I bring her down to the couch where Izumi and I are usually watching the evening…

  • Field Trip

    Field Trip

    Today everyone in the office loaded up into a bus and headed up to San Francisco to see our new office into which we’re moving in January. Everyone was in high spirits, the offices in San Mateo are fine but the area has absolutely no character and the commute has been wearing thin for most…

  • Howard Stern on Blogs

    Robin Quivers asks "What’s a blog?" and Howard Stern rails on. In typical New Yorker fashion, he cuts straight to the point and says: "If you’re not making money as a writer or an artist, it’s not a career, it’s a hobby"

  • Dan Gillmor moving on

    Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News writes in his blog that he is moving on to work full time on a "citizen-journalism project." All bets are that blogs will be the enabler and that many of the ideas outlined in his book will be part of it. We’re seeing more and more "hyper-local"…