Santa Mail

Izumi’s been feeling under the weather for the past few days with a stomach virus so I’ve been at home looking after the kids. I have a profound appreciation for what it takes to look after the little tykes full time – I’m absolutely knackered after only a few days of it and now, as we try and catch some shut eye, there’s a band playing Christmas music under our window.

One thing I tried to keep them occupied was to have both Julia and Tyler write their letters to Santa. The mailbox is literally across the street from our house with the neighborhood organizing to take the letters over to the local old folks homes where the Seniors there take the time to respond to each letter. Some of the older kids have caught on as I read in the paper one kids letter from this year (they publish the best ones in the paper) said something to the effect,

“Last year you sent me a letter that had an Oakland postmark on it. I know that the North Pole is nowhere near Oakland. Please explain.”

This ought to keep those old folks on their toes.

OhmyNews interviews Dan Gillmor

OhmyNews, one of the very first citizen journalist sites, interviews Dan Gillmor on his thinking behind why he’s leaving the San Jose Mercury News to start his own venture. In response to how he feels about the decision:

I’m both excited and terrified (laughter) and a little bit sad, because I’m leaving a wonderful, wonderful job, working with terrific people whom I trust and admire and respect.

And I’m stepping out of a business that I love. I love newspapers. But I hope that whatever we do is something that at some level newspapers can use, once newspapers decide to take the step that I think is necessary — which is to be part of this new world.

I’m hoping we will have created something that they can say "Well, we can do stuff like that too." That’s my goal, to do something that is useful not just for old media but for all of us.