Day: January 24, 2005

  • “to the 40, to the 50, to the 60, he’s going all the way on this one!”

    One of the nice things about walking Tyler to school each morning is that during those 15 minutes we have together, we can chat about any number of things that are on our minds and clear the plate for the day. This morning Tyler announced that he’s decided what he wants to be when he […]

  • Speed Lumps

    I’ve heard of Speed Bumps and Speed Humps but here in Alameda we have Speed Lumps. What exactly is the difference and imagine the bewilderment to the road construction crew when they go into the back of their truck to pick up the the appropriate sign, “I don’t know Larry, they kind of look like […]

  • TV while-u-wait

    While filling up on gas on the way to Tahoe the other weekend, I noticed that they had managed to pipe in CNBC business news into the little LCD monitor on the gas pump. Caught up on the latest market news while I topped up the tank. Ubiquitous sound bite TV and cell phone browsing […]