Month: January 2005

  • IBM

    There is a very interesting theory about why IBM shed their vaunted ThinkPad & PC hardware division to China’s Lenovo. Attributed to the Petrov Group, in a Business 2.0 article, the theory is that IBM would use it’s partnership (IBM still owns a percentage of Lenovo) to enter the China market with a low cost, […]

  • Tahoe

    We went up to Tahoe last weekend to catch some of the record snows that have fallen on the Sierras over the past few weeks. Our digital camera’s battery ran out of juice so I only have this shot of a tricked out Mustang that we saw on the road but Doug Yarrington posted more […]

  • Achenblog

    Washington Post’s columnist Joel Achenbach is up and running on TypePad for his Achenblog. column. We’re all having a chuckle as he dives into the world of blogs. In this entry he writes about the levels of authorship that we provide and suggests some greater levels of authorship rights that we’ll be sure to look […]

  • Technorati Tag Bookmarklet

    Only a day out and someone’s already created a bookmarklet to make it easier to add tags to your posts. Technorati Tags: technorati, folksonomy, tools

  • Zoomer’s Brilliant Idea #194

    How do you get a 3-year old girl to drink her cold medicine? Slap a Hello Kitty sticker on it and call it “grape juice.”

  • Technorati Tags

    Our friends at Technorati have launched a service that pulls together a view of the blogosphere through the lens of user-defined tags. The growth of user tags in services such as Flickr and have broken through the dilemma of the Semantic Web which was struggling for a standard taxonomy to help define it. The […]

  • Steve Case talks his game

    Steve Case talks his game

    One thing I love about being in the Bay Area is that there are so many interesting events related to my industry going on all the time. Just up the street MacWorld is going off as Steve Job’s counterpoint to the CES show in Las Vegas last week. A lot of us at Six Apart […]

  • Commuting Choices

    At long last our offices are now up in San Francisco so I am no longer taking the automobile down the freeway to work each day. Now the choices of how to get to the office abound: 1. The bus can take me from Alameda to the Transbay bus terminal. There is a stop about […]

  • Movable Type Hosting Partner page

    For those of you who subscribe to this site via RSS (and for the benefit of the crawlers of the world), just letting you know that we now have a page where you can view the approved Movable Type Hosting Partners, find out more information about each one, and, if you’re a hosting company, apply […]

  • Frequent Flier Miles as Currency

    According to a story in The Guardian, The Economist reports that if you added up the value of all the frequent flier miles outstanding, they would add up to $700 billion, surpassing the value of any other floating currency in the world. Who hasn’t thought that there should be a free market in Frequent Flier […]