“to the 40, to the 50, to the 60, he’s going all the way on this one!”

One of the nice things about walking Tyler to school each morning is that during those 15 minutes we have together, we can chat about any number of things that are on our minds and clear the plate for the day. This morning Tyler announced that he’s decided what he wants to be when he grows up which is big news as we’ve asked him this before and his responses have always been a wise guy, snappy answer, “Big”

Today he said in all seriousness that he wants to be a. . . Sports Announcer. Bonus points to the kid for originality – I don’t think any of the kids books I’ve read have ever covered this one. Fireman? Policeman? Astronaut? Sure, we’ve all seen these but Sports Announcer? I don’t think they ever covered this one because so little is known about the glamorous life of the sportscasters out there. Travel to exotic cities and sports venues around the world, meet famous athletes, watch all your favorite games, long vacations in the off season – seems like it’d be pretty fun.

The more I think about it, the better it sounds. Let’s see, Tyler loves to talk so there’s a good fit there, the worst thing that can happen to a sportscaster is “dead air” and Tyler talks like a shark swims – for his life. There’s also the need to know detailed stats for instant recall and there again, Tyler has shown a talent for storing arcane knowledge with his detailed knowledge of the Thomas Tank Engines. The other day Tyler asked me to pause a new Thomas DVD which he had been studying (he really studies these things like a cycling fan studies old 1972 Giro D’Italia films) because he caught a glimpse of a new engine that he’d never seen before. There, in a split second frame was a indeed a new engine (I’ve become a bit of an expert myself).

Tyler put a little of his talent to practice the other day – two kids were playing catch in our yard and instead of joining them, Tyler narrated the play-by-play.






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