Up on two wheels

It was a big weekend for Tyler. He finally got the hang of riding his bicycle without training wheels. If you look closely at the picture to the left, you can see that both training wheels are off the ground. He was besides himself when he started to get rolling – laughing to himself like a crazy man, “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” He quickly got the hang of it and now realizes that the faster he goes, the easier it is to balance. He zips up and down the block like a demon on wheels and I can no longer keep up just by running. Looks like we’ll be riding together more often!

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Now now. We all have unique memories of riding…I have 2: one was when you and dad rode my beautiful purple tricycle together down the driveway and broke it. The second was when you convinced me to ride on my training-wheel bike all the way to Eliza’s which was like riding cross-country in my memory. Mom had to pick us up since I was exhausted out of my mind!

Hey Tyler – great bike riding!! Seeing your photo reminded me of Thomas learning to ride his bike without the training wheels!! He and Chris spent hours in the school playground, until he got it mastered. Of course he fell off a lot – but after a while he could do it, just like you!!

Hope you are enjoying California. Do you miss the snow?

There are photos of Thomas on our site if you want to take a look – do you remember him?

Love to you and Julia (and your Mum and Dad too!)

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