Day: February 1, 2005

  • BBC on blogs at school

    BBC Online writes about the use of blogs in the classroom. Thanks to Tom Watanabe over at for the tip.

  • Rubel on Business Blogs

    Steve Rubel writes about The Rise of Business Blogs and covers the growth within Microsoft in some detail. Unfortunately, there are no hard facts on the ROI which is something the industry lacks in order to move most corporate blogging projects forward. One call for data was put out and I’m sure we’ll see more…

  • Farking Google

    This one’s my favorite but there’s a whole bunch more photoshop fun over on

  • Yahoo cuts to the chase

    We’ve seen it played out over and over again. The internet has enabled consumers to go directly to the production plant for disintermediated product. Covered in detail in Michael Lewis’ book, Next, the internet has upset age old business models, putting raw materials within reach of the everyman and providing a platform for a thousand…