Day: February 7, 2005

  • Girl’s Day

    Girl’s Day

    As we drove through Chinatown this past weekend, we saw preparations for the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. Many were carrying sprigs of cut plum blossoms which are just starting to bloom so we bought some to go with the Girl’s Day display which we set up each year around this time and keep up until […]

  • That’s one way to get your company’s name out there. . .

    The advertising world is buzzing with’s debut on the television advertising scene with their parody of the Janet Jackson wardrobe mishap from last year. Forrester’s Advertising analyst Jim Nail gives it the “Load the Cannon with Gerbils” award: This ad confirms it: the dotcom bubble is back. An unknown internet company selling a service […]

  • Alameda Antique Fair

    On Sunday we went to see the Alameda Antique Fair which must be seen to be believed. There must be over 400 vendors spread out over the tarmac of the old naval airfield in Alamdeda. All sorts of weird and wonderful stuff, interesting people too. Pictures here.