Alex Wise


I’m sitting here with Alex and he thinks that his website should be my homepage.

Microsoft AntiSpyware

James LaLonde, who used left Microsoft to work for Network Associates as the head of their operations in Asia, used to joke that his business was safe so long as Redmond stayed out of the anti-virus business. With all the  hubaloo over securtiy and spam, Microsoft announced plans to address it in the recent Windows XP Service Pack update and the Internet explorer browser this Summer.

Now we see two new standalone downloads that specifically address spyware and "malicious code" which is the boldest sign that Microsoft getting into the anti-virus market.

Malicious Software Removal Tool (sounds like a dentist’s instrument)

AntiSpyware (click on thumbnail for screenshot)


Google Hubris?

I just uninstalled Google Desktop Search which has been running alongside Yahoo Desktop Search for the past few months. Not only did Yahoo have a better preview feature of hits, Google’s tool was, strangely enough, too integrated into the browser. I prefer to jump into "Search archives & files mode" as a separate activity from my browsing and internet search activity. Having Desktop Search running in a separate application window helped that.

The recent hullabaloo over Google Toolbar Autolinks didn’t help either.

Current Events

One veteran of Seventies politics says goodbye to another

Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, democratic presidential candidate, and current two term Mayor of Oakland, bids farewell to Hunter S. Thompson who inspired the style, if not spirit, of many of the bloggers of today.

Many thanks to Ted Shelton who seems to have introduced Jerry to blogging, plugged him in and turned him on.