Walking to school with my son

5415244_833732f6c7.jpgOne of the great things about living in Alameda is that I can walk my son to school each day. On most days we pick up the neighbor across the street and during the 15 minute stroll we can talk about things that are going on in each of our lives. Being in Kindergarten, there are lots of distractions along the way so I leave with ample time so we can take these diversions as they come. Today’s diversion was a worm that decided to take a swim in a puddle.

Livingdot covered in the New York Times

The folks at LivingDot let me know that they were covered in yesterday’s New York Times.

LivingDot has also done some cool stuff on their landing page to help folks understand how to use Movable Type with some video-based tutorials such as how to configure your site and also added a couple of sample templates to get folks up and running. I like Playful.