Day: March 2, 2005

  • Yahoo Search API

    Just in time for it’s 10 year anniversary, Yahoo opened up API access to its search platform.  Allowing programmatic access to search services via URLs is a trail that Google has already blazed but in what maybe another arms race as we saw with hosted email storage, Yahoo allows five times the number of queries;…

  • ThinkEquity, Equity Research Demystified

    ThinkEquity Partners, a San Francisco based boutique investment firm, launched a blog for its equity research analysts. From their press release: "ThinkBlog is leading the revolution in our industry," said Mr. Moe. "With the NYSE making a play to extend trading hours to foster European investments, real-time insightful intelligence on the ever-changing landscape of the…

  • Earings

    Julia has these clip on earings that she likes to wear and her entire attitude changes when she puts them on, becoming more flirty and, in her eyes at least, sophisticated. Tyler, on the other hand, clips them on top of his ears and acts the goof.