Corporate RSS Made Simple

I share a lot of the burden of explaining what blogs & RSS feeds are all about with my brethren who develop RSS readers. Sandy Hamilton of NewsGator posts a nice run down on corporate RSS feeds, why they’re not as complicated as they sound, and points to examples of companies that use them.

I think it’s the acronym that’s really tripping people up. As my colleague Anil says, "If someone told me 15 years ago that I really need to buy a VHS recorder instead of a device that allows me to tape TV shows, I would have balked as well."

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Only in Japan – Thanks Tail

tail_car.jpgA polite society based on mutual respect and courtesy requires new tools for the road. You flash your brights when you sugget someone go ahead or if warning on-coming traffic of a speed trap but what to do to when you want to indicate thanks to those that let you into traffic? Thanks Tail is a robotic rendition of a dog’s tail that is controlled from inside the car and can be wagged as an expression of “thank you” to the car behind you.

I think this thing would get you killed in New Jersey.

Thanks Tail!

Update: featured on RocketBoom