Day: March 23, 2005

  • You must not throw up at the Dojo

    You must not throw up at the Dojo

    Izumi IM’ed me at work today: izumikennedy: we have to come back from Aikido, tyler throw up, he cough too oh nome: is he ok now?izumikennedy: he is fine , before class started, he was showing off to one of classmates about aikido and then he got too excited. and he started to cough […]

  • takes on mainstream media investors, the automated news aggregation service, has taken on investment from Knight-Ridder, Gannett, and the Tribune Co. The idea is to gain some financial backing to grow the service but also to gain access to content from media companies that they were negotiating with anyway. I think each of these companies look at Topix as […]

  • Yahoo Generates Buzz

    The folks over at Yahoo Research have teamed up with O’Reilly and Newsfutures to run a simulated stock market, Buzz Game, where players can buy and sell companies, technologies, and other memes on an open market. You get a virtual $10k to start and the players with the most in their portfolio by the end […]