100% Love

Here’s a shot of Tyler that will come in handy should he ever want to run for political office. Think of all the wonderful digital photos of everyone that are out floating around out there. Being a gossip columnist in 2020 is going to be great fun. A few image searches and follow-up emails and it’ll be possible to get childhood photos of anyone.

Thanks to Alex for the photo.

Current Events

Maps? Cool. Satellite Overlay? Wicked!

So those of us on the bleeding edge have all seen Google Maps and have commented upon the clever use of XML datasets to create a seamless browsing experience. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, BLAM! Google took the wraps of an overlay which provides a satellite image of any map you bring up.

This includes driving directions so you can zoom in and “fly along” your commute to work. Nice touch is that the speech bubbles that are used to annotate the addresses generate a shadow on the satellite image.