Day: April 6, 2005

  • Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Mark Jen

    Mark Jen was fired from Google. He broke a few cardinal rules such as not being sensitive to Google’s culture which didn’t support blurting things out. He also broke a cardinal rule of blogging by deleting posts. This is a huge red flag that will only draw attention to the post which can be retrieved […]

  • Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Tom Foremski

    Tom previously was the Silicon Valley correspondent for the Financial Times and later founded the Silicon Valley Watcher. Tom joined to FT to take advantage of the brand and the infrastructure to get his word out. When blogging came along, this new publishing and distribution system came to the masses. Are bloggers journalists? Not a […]

  • Bite PR Blogging Seminar – How to Pitch Bloggers

    Presented by Jill Ratkevic of Bite. Tivo – select play, select 30, select. Not something that Tivo could officially endorse or promote but blogging has gotten the word out there for them. On blogging and journalism – blogging is open source journalism. Whatever you write will be corrected by your readers. If you readers have […]

  • Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Q&A

    Rod Boothby (E&Y) asks – what about the blogging in companies? Are conversations of benefit to companies? Absolutely. Companies have souls, they have a “nature.” The value system comes from its founders. Some companies are born to blog. There’s an inverse relationship between branding and blogging. Companies that have a strong brand have difficulty with […]

  • Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Doc Searls

    I’m attending the Bite blogging seminar at the W in San Francisco. Swish venue with not only lemons and lime in the drinking water but strawberries. Great line up of speakers, about 50 – 60 people seated. They’ve got wireless so I’ll pass on some of the highlights. Doc Searls – talks about his writing […]