Day: April 13, 2005

  • Mr. Smiley the Bus Driver

    One thing I love about living in the United States is the sense of humor that finds its way into daily life. The baggage handler at JFK that shouts out “Welcome to America!” at the top of his lungs as he hauls your bags off the conveyor belt. The Bart train driver who takes the […]

  • We got Hats! We got T-Shirts!

    A shameless plug for the Six Apart Store. Be the first on your block (maybe the only one ever on your block) to wear a T-shirt that says “My other shirt is rebuilding” Shweet!

  • Thomas Nelson Corporate Blogging Policy

    One of the best corporate blogging policy guidelines I’ve seen. Written in plain English with just the right tone; not too corporate, not too casual – it’s just the right. I guess that’s to be expected coming from a publishing company. Their goals are simple: To raise the visibility of our company, To make a […]