Day: April 19, 2005

  • Alameda, a boating community

    This is the view from the High Street Bridge, about a ten minute walk from our house. I read somewhere that Alameda has something like one sailor for every three residents and I hope that we can join their ranks someday.

  • Insider Pages – open source advertising

    Bill Gross’ Idealab launches Insider Pages which takes a shot at local listings, combines it with a recommendation engine and adds a touch of social networking. Damn, that was my idea. Where did I put that napkin anyway? If I were the Yellow Pages I would be worried. Very worried. They even use the Yellow…

  • RSS traffic to grows by 342%

    The Silicon Valley Watcher points to a New York Times press release that states that pageviews generated by RSS feeds increased by 342% over the past year and grew an incredible 39% over the past month. While there is a hint in disappointment that the total number of RSS-generated pageviews represented only about 1% of…