Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Mark Jen

Mark Jen was fired from Google. He broke a few cardinal rules such as not being sensitive to Google’s culture which didn’t support blurting things out. He also broke a cardinal rule of blogging by deleting posts. This is a huge red flag that will only draw attention to the post which can be retrieved from RSS feeds and browser caches. He also mentioned sensitive information right before 4th quarter earnings were released.

Mark now works for Plaxo.

Plaxo has a blog but they’ve made a decision to segment the comments over onto the forums.

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Hi Ian – just to also write what we talked about at the seminar, we certainly encourage comments and discussions to any of our blog articles, but it made sense to us to consolidate comments in one place. Since our Forum already allows anyone to add comments on Plaxo topics of interest as well as start their own thread discussions, this seemed to be the best place to consolidate comments.

Stacy Martin
Plaxo Privacy Officer
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