Six Apart is Hiring

We’re looking for someone local (San Francisco) to help out with some of the volume of inquiries (seems like everyone wants to know what a blog is these days. . . ) we’re getting. Interested parties, click here for the listing.

NY Times recommends blogs to build trust

I find it interesting that the New York Times is recommending that blogs are one way to rebuild reader trust. See recommendation 1. III on the Siegal Committee report. should conduct frequent Q&A forums with department heads and other senior editors and should set up mechanisms to give readers greater access to key source documents, interview transcripts and databases used in stories and graphics. The Web should also explore the possibility of creating a Times blog that promotes a give-and-take with readers while satisfying the standards of our journalism.

I think they mean “Web site” and not the collective internet in the paragraph above but regardless, this is great news and I think everyone will benefit from the pointers to source materials that this report recommends.