Month: May 2005

  • NY Times recommends blogs to build trust

    I find it interesting that the New York Times is recommending that blogs are one way to rebuild reader trust. See recommendation 1. III on the Siegal Committee report. should conduct frequent Q&A forums with department heads and other senior editors and should set up mechanisms to give readers greater access to key source […]

  • Newsgator and Factiva

    So nice to read that Factiva has partnered with Newsgator to bring Factiva’s premium content into the RSS world. I can think of several folks at Factiva that must be grinning at this news and I expect we’ll see quite a bit of momentum as a result of this initiative. From Greg Reinacker’s post: 1. […]

  • Tyler Reading

    Tyler is now reading to us. It’s like magic – a couple of weeks ago he was sounding out simple words like “do” and “sat” and now he’s stringing whole sentences together. He’s really excited to be able to read something to us. Just before bed he reads me a few pages, not too much […]

  • surveys readers on $50/year subscription fee

    The Wall Street Journal Online reports and BusinessWeek blogs that the New York Times is surveying its readers on two subscription plans that would move them away from their current $2.95/article pricing structure. One plan would offer unlimited access to the past year’s articles for $49.99 and the second would limit access to 100 articles/month […]

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