Day: June 1, 2005

  • Syndication Monkeys Gone Mad

    It was inevitable. Richard MacManus posts his thoughts on vendors that are taking the publish & subscribe model of RSS and turning it around to sell an automated way to republish RSS feeds and "create" content on their clients’ sites. They position RSS as a quick way to harness other people’s original work for easy…

  • TypePad Enhancements

    Everything TypePad gives a taste of some of the cool new features coming down the pike for all you TypePad users out there. Comment & TrackBack Moderation, TypeKey Integration, and the ability (this one’s for you Buzz!) to select the format of TypePad’s comment notification email messages.

  • Boeing’s Flight Test Blog

    Ever wonder what it’s like to beta-test a major airline? Boeing takes the wraps off of their latest blog which will give a rare, inside view of the their new 777-200LR Worldliner aircraft as it runs (flies?) through the paces towards certification. This blog, or journal, is going to change that. Now we have a…