In the grand tradition of the DIY spirit and in celebration of World Environment Day, a group of designers, builders, and professional “obtainers” are building a house on the lawn in front of San Francisco city hall out of things they scrounged over the past six weeks. The house opened to the public today and will be taken down on June 6th and recycled.

Scraphouse website


Contagious Media Showdown

There’s lots of slick sites here, all looking to catch that hook that will bring the fame and fortune (ok, well mostly fame). Maybe my standards are more base as the execution is totally crude (think of a circa-1988 Geocities website) but my personal favorite features a lanky masked man as an unlikely hero dancing to cell phone ringtones. My vote for the Contagious Media Showdown is for the


Star Wars Easter Egg Hunt

I haven’t had a chance to see the new Star Wars film yet but when I do, I’ll be on the lookout for these hidden gems.