Day: June 17, 2005

  • Email is broken (part II)

    Further expanding on a point raised last year, today I received an email the had the following disclaimer in the .sig. Note: Because of the high volume of spam we receive, legitimate e-mail is sometimes mistakenly filtered. If you send a message and don’t receive a reply, please try the telephone. The IT press has […]

  • Father of Web 2.0 planning on move to SF. Bringing wife and kids too.

    Richard MacManus, widely hailed as the Father of Web 2.0 is pulling up stakes in New Zealand and coming to San Francisco. First to attend the conference named after him (wink to John Battelle), then to look for work that will allow him to live here year ’round and participate firsthand in all this wonderful […]

  • Yahoo hoovers the dark web

    Big news. Yahoo has quietly launched a beta service which allows you to use the Yahoo engine to search content that normally sits disaggregated behind proprietary subscription walls. Some of you may recall the old Northern Light service which attempted to do the same but never was able to convince the larger aggregators to play. […]