Class of ’84 Update

Dear Middlesex Class of 1984,

It’s that time of year again – the lazy days of Summer are upon us. What better time than to take stock of your lives and share your accomplishments with your classmates.

Comments are due back to Fundraising Headquarters by July 31st so if you can click on “Comments” below and leave your piece by July 15th, I’d be most grateful. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!






11 responses to “Class of ’84 Update”

  1. Christie Whitcomb Avatar
    Christie Whitcomb

    Got a new job in February and am working at MGH for the Chief of the GI Unit. It’s been interesting so far and it pays the bills…

    I am looking forward to a nice summer and a week away at Rockywold/Deephaven on Squam Lake in New Hampshire with my family at the end of August and occasional trips to Nantucket to visit my parents who live there year round. Other than that, life goes on in Boston and I am doing well. Maybe I’ll see some of you around!

  2. John Dewey Avatar

    Sara and I finally managed the procreation thing, much to everyone’s amazement. Gordon Russell Dewey was born 5/25/2005, healthy, happy, and of course cute. All three of us are living in Brooklyn. The rest of the time I am chief executive officer at Dewey Electronics, in Oakland NJ.

  3. Vicki Peet Avatar
    Vicki Peet

    The good news from California is that my husband and I are expecting twin girls in September. It is exciting and incredibly daunting at the same time. I am still working so we have made no preparations yet but hope to find time to buy furniture and car seats over the summer, since we won’t be travelling much! Laurie and Katie have promised to come visit and help with babysitting…I’m counting on you guys!

  4. Scott Kitson Avatar
    Scott Kitson

    All is well in Bermuda. Since last writinig I was asked to join the Young Presidents Organization (A worldwide netwrok of Young Presidents) and this has turned out to be an amazing opportunity. The opportunities for sharing business and personal experiences with people from all over the world has provided a great avenue for personal growth for Susan and I and also our 3 boys. Matthew, Quincy & James are now 10, 8 & 5 respectively, it is amazing how fast they are growing up… I wish I could keep them right where they are!

    I sponsored and coached my eldest 2 son’s Little League team again this spring and am proud to report that Kitson’s Red Sox carried off the Bermuda Little League Championship…Go Red Sox!!!

    Ian, thanks for leading the charge to drag a few comments out of us. As painful as it is to do this, I always enjoy reading what everyone is up to… Any MX ’84 class members coming through the island, please give me a call and maybe we can get together for a rum swizzle!

  5. Mike McFadden Avatar
    Mike McFadden


    You are a slave driver! Okay then, here’s what’s up:

    Mimi and I have decided to take the kids to Tasmania for the year to broaden their horizons and to avoid my impendending IRS audit. While extradition is still a possibility, we feel its limited. There, I have said. What a liberating feeling.

    I guess it all began after the failed IPO for my company “Pudding it First”, a specialty pudding store that we thought would sweep the malls across the nation. It just didn’t happen. Internet crash killed all of that for us.

    After a lot of heavy drinking, leveraing our home and failing to file taxes for ten years, I am back on feet. But I just can’t face the financial burden on the audit and need to skip out. I know you’ll understand. If you are “down under” look us up under the name John Baylor.

    All the best


  6. Andrew Hoffman Avatar
    Andrew Hoffman

    I am still living in the Presidio, trying to save my pennies to actually purchase a home in the Bay Area. Since I can’t afford a home I have instead bought an interest in a small sailboat, Luna, and even recently sailed the Bay with Class scribe, Ian Kennedy.

  7. Marshall Saxe Avatar
    Marshall Saxe

    Hello from N. Lake Tahoe Ca. where I’ve been since ’88. Life is good with my wife Leslie and my girls Madeleine (5) and Julia (3). Saxe Construction is busy busy trying to gather the resources to support my two emerging ski racers. While it’s early, they are showing promise. I always wanted to be that overbearing Dad relentlessly pushing my kids to acheive sports success. They are so lucky to have me!

  8. Jonathan Sexton Avatar
    Jonathan Sexton

    katherine Elizabeth Sexton turned 6 months today. She has one tooth and is eating rice cerial. Alex Sexton likes to play at school but really doesn’t like the book work. Sounds like me. I am having a lot of fun with my family. Katherine is happy all the time and Alex is always up for an adventure. Debbie is trying to stay cool in the hot Utah summer. Life is good in Utah.

  9. Jay Frost Avatar

    Howdy from Park City!
    Time continues to fly for my family. I still work for and travel a quite a bit, but greatly enjoy my job. Jonathan Sexton works with me so we see each other daily, as well as live in the same town. My son, Rufie is 11 and will play football this fall for the first time; he is very excited but he thinks he is Tom Brady so he will have a rude awakening. We are headed back to NH for 2 weeks this summer and are all excited to spend time in the east.
    Please say “hello” if you come through Park City.

  10. Jody Holden Avatar
    Jody Holden


    Guilt is a beautiful thing! Thank you for the extra push. All is well in NYC and various other destinations. With a musician for a husband, there is a lot of traveling in our lives. Chris and I had a baby girl, Evangeline, last November. With a constant smile on her face, she has quickly become the joy of our lives! In March, I left Citigroup after 7 years and joined Banc of America. Still in Institutional Sales but it is a fun new gig for me. I have been very busy with Middlesex activities lately as Andy Pitts recruited me for the newly formed Alumni Committee. It has been great to reconnect with old friends and to spend time on the beautiful campus. If anyone is visiting NYC, please look me up!

  11. Fulton Rockwell Avatar
    Fulton Rockwell

    It appears that harvard is going to be willing to grant me a phd for climbing trees and pushing water through sticks. Other than that, spending less time down on the farm wrangling cattle, more time in the mountains and in boats. Recently engaged; then un.

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