Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere

It’s time again for Technorati’s quarterly summary of the what they’re seeing and the numbers just underscore the fact that blogs are here to stay. Some highlights:

  • The number of blogs continues to double every 5.5 months
  • Technorati now tracks over 14.4 million blogs and 1.3 billion links
  • That’s a new blog every second or 80,000 blogs/day
  • The number of posts/day has increased to 900,000/day
  • That’s 10.4 posts/second
  • About a third of all posts are self-tagged or categorized
  • 12,000 new tags or categories are discovered each day

Facinating stuff from the folks that have their finger on the pulse.

MSN to compete with Gawker & Weblogs Inc.

Now we know why Microsoft was seen on the job boards looking to hire bloggers. MSN’s new service, Filter, aims to take the best of the blog posts and highlight them for their readers. Slate (now owned by the Washington Post Company) was Microsoft’s last big effort at content creation and for that effort they brought in Michael Kinsey from US News & World Report to get things off the ground and give it an editorial vision.

Filter currently has microsites on Lifestyle, Sports, Music, Technology, and Television. I don’t recognize any of the names behind the Filter sites but they have written professionally in the past. Over time, it will be interesting to see if these sites get any kind of centeral editorial voice or if they evolve on their own.