Month: November 2005

  • Sauna in a Container

    Sauna in a Container

    The Sauna Box is water tight and can be transported to any location, needs minimum site preparation, has a wood fired stove and is electrically powered by solar panels. Moco Loco

  • Yahoo integrates RSS into Mail client

    RSS reading is going to be integrated into the next version of Yahoo Mail which is out in limited beta (to get on the beta list, go to What’s New with Yahoo! Mail). John Furrier sat down to talk with Scott Gatz and Ethan Diamond of Yahoo who both played a big part in the…

  • Insulting British Slang

    The BBC has a web site where you can browse or lookup British Slang. I guess that’s fulfilling the part of their charter which has them preserving the culture of the British Isles. I like their little disclaimer on the lookup page: ***Please note: the dictionary contains many words that are not used in the…

  • Yesterday

    For the past week, Julia’s been breaking out in spontaneous song. Short clips here and there, her favorite is Yesterday. I’m not even sure where she picked this up but it clearly stuck with her. Today, I finally caught it on tape. Listen to yesterday.mp3

  • Tyler’s First Grade Report Card

    Tyler’s First Grade Report Card

    Tyler is at grade level in all areas. He is well behaved and well like by others. He is a hard worker. He only needs improvement in working quietly at his seat. He talks a lot and is very interested in what others are doing. He needs to take his time with his handwriting and…

  • Daytripping to Santa Cruz: The Mystery Spot & Boardwalk best enjoyed in the off season

    So ends our long weekend. It’s amazing how refreshing some time off can be when you take the time to enjoy it by not going anywhere. Our neighbors across the street took a week-long holiday to the Caribbean and they look exhausted. We stood still while the rest of our block rushed off to the…

  • Masher Defined

    Hi Matt. I was going to post a comment on your post but your blog provider seems to be down for maintenance so I can’t seem to open up an account on their system so I’ll post on my blog and trackback to you. You might want to step away from using the term “masher”…

  • Huge jellyfish

    Huge jellyfish

    In other new, huge jellyfish, weighing up to 200 kilograms, are wreaking havoc to the fishing business in the waters between Japan and China. Some blame global warming.

  • Thanksgivings


    This year we decided to stay close to home for the holidays. Partially out of necessity as we’re going to be shelling out big bucks for a kitchen remodeling in the next month or so and need to keep our costs down but also out of a need just to relax a little and catch…