Day: November 11, 2005

  • Privacy Wall

    I wrote the following post on Friday and was going to mull it over for a bit but then this article came out in today’s Washington Post that made the issues raised here all the more timely. An interesting topic was brought up that was glossed over in coverage of Friday’s Search SIG. John Battelle…

  • SD Forum Search SIG

    I went to the SD Forum Search SIG over at the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus last night. The first session was a talk between John Battelle and his old editor at MacWorld, Dan Farber (now Editor in Chief at ZDNet). Then there was a panel discussion featuring the viewpoints of four companies that are building…

  • TimesSelect Annual Revenues Nearly $5M

    The New York Times announced that it has over 270,000 subscribers to it’s premium TimesSelect service. PaidContent does some back of the envelope calculations and calculates that they are pulling in $4,954,000 in annual revenue from this venture only 52 days after launch.