Year: 2005

  • Yahoo &

    Happy Friday! I’m really pleased to write that Yahoo closed an acquisition of the social bookmarking service Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen. Along with the earlier acquisitions of and flickr, Yahoo is well on it’s way to bringing the best of the new web to the masses. For more details […]

  • Rocketboom now available on Tivo

    Rocketboom, the daily video newscast is now available for download to your broadband connected Tivo. We differ from a regular TV program in many important ways. Instead of costing millions of dollars to produce, Rocketboom is created with a consumer-level video camera, a laptop, two lights and a map with no additional overhead or costs. […]

  • rsstroom reader – toilet paper printer

    rsstroom reader – toilet paper printer

    wireless connectivity rss 2.0 & atom compatible random mode bio-metric user identification commercial model allows advertisers to place customized messages targeted to a specific audience through Yi Tien Electronics’ online subscription service. Spyhunter

  • Vertigo on the flatscreen

    We all got a kick out of Google’s satellite view and enjoyed zooming around with Google Earth. This week Microsoft launches their service with it’s cool Bird’s Eye views of landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. But if you really want to knock your socks off, you have got to try Big Eye in […]

  • Origins of the “TiVo” moniker

    Origins of the “TiVo” moniker

    The winning answer was we were naming the next TV. I thought it should be as close as possible to what people would find familiar so it must contain T and V. I started looking at letter combinations and pretty quickly settled on TiVo. I also liked that “i” and “o” were a part of […]

  • Innovation Creators & Enterprise Digging

    Rod Boothby has been hard at work beating the corporate blogging drum where he works and part of his process has been to externalize his thinking on a blog set up specifically to generate awareness and test his ideas. He’s thought long and hard about not only the benefits of creating a blogging culture at […]

  • How do you define “Social Media”

    I joined Havi Hoffman (a Social Media partner in crime here at Yahoo) and Stowe Boyd for coffee in Palo Alto this morning and asked Stowe if he would come up with a two line definition of “social media.” He took a shot at it and came up with a good working definition that I […]

  • Stowe ain’t no pigeon

    Anyone who follows more than a couple of feeds in their reader has had this problem. Bolded numbers in brackets blinking back at you you, telling you how many articles you need to scan to stay current – do you click “read all” and be done with it? What if you miss something? How do […]

  • Our Italian Daughter

    Our Italian Daughter

    I think she’s been watching that character Kramer on Seinfeld too much.

  • Yahoo Services on Tivo

    USA Today’s got the story, and Zatz Not Funny has screenshots. I’ll have to try this when I get home. People who create free accounts with Yahoo will be able to use its Yahoo Photos service. They can use their TVs to view photos that friends or family have put online. Also, Yahoo will provide […]