Yahoo Olympic Coverage


Those of you who follow sports on a regular basis probably already know this but if you’re like me and haven’t had the time to catch up on your TiVo backlog of Olympic coverage, Yahoo’s got a great micro-site which pulls it all together for you. Turin 2006 Winter Olympics on Yahoo! Sports has been specially formatted to host larger format photos (today’s shot is a great example), exclusive analysis, and also features RSS feeds of the latest news and medal counts.

More Julia-isms

When Julia has a stomachache, she says she has a “stomach egg.” It took us a while to pick up on this and it wasn’t until she complained to Izumi about an “egg” on her knee that we finally figured it out. Applied to other areas of the body it kind of makes sense. I think we all sometimes wake up in the morning with a “back egg” or a “neck egg” but we eventually shake it off and it’s gone.