Day: March 7, 2006

  • Yahoo Application Gallery

    The Yahoo Developer Network just launched an Application Gallery. Similar to the Widgets Gallery, this site shows off the best applications built on top of the Yahoo APIs. There’s the opportunity to upload and submit your applications to the gallery and, once they are there, have them reviewed and showcased. This comes as frosting on […]

  • Checkmates – location-based Flickr friend finder

    I’m sharing a room with Chad Dickerson here at eTech and he was up until the wee hours last night and up again at the crack of dawn putting the finishing touches on a prototype called Checkmates. The application, which runs on your cellphone, uses a combination of APIs to show your location superimposed on […]

  • Multi-touch Interface shown off at eTech

    Totally cool – they had Jeff Han showing off his touch screen interface. I got a pointer to this a couple of weeks ago and was blown away – someone at Yahoo called it “web 5.0” Here’s a page with a video showing it in action – must be seen to be fully appreciated. UPDATE: […]

  • Ray Ozzie at eTech

    RSS is the DNA wiring the web, the connecting tissue between active web sites. Part of the current excitement around mashups is that it’s moving these "composite applications" up to the level of the scripting programmer. The closer you get to the user, the closer you get to real domain expertise. Cut/Copy/Paste – these commands […]

  • Netsquared Interview on Tagging

    Netsquared, an arm of the non-profit advisory site, Techsoup, just posted an email interview I did with them about tagging. At the end of the interview, I also listed up a few examples of how Yahoo applications can be stitched together and used by non-profits (and other small organizations) to organize and inform their community. […]