Homemade Hardware – Laptop

Homemade Hardware - Laptop
Homemade Hardware – Laptop,
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Tyler made a laptop with an innovative fliptop keyboard that reveals a couple of new buttons not normally found on any QWERTY keyboard – one for "Rock Music" and another for "Soft Music." Notice on the screen he has drawn in the all the icons for a browser as well as the one box display for a search engine.

He also made a set of iPods and a Gameboy. Julia decided to make a kite.


Stump Tom Cruise

So there was quite a bit of hoopla when Mr. Cruise flew into town on his P-51 to pay us a visit. We got to see exclusive clips of the upcoming Mission Impossible 3 and Terry Semel announced that there would be more collaborations with the actor in the future.

Today, Yahoo Answers has an open question where anyone can try and stump Tom Cruise with a trivia question about any of his movies. Check it out. Can you stump me in one of my own movies?