Day: June 1, 2006

  • How to make an impression

    Enough of this online advertising stuff, sometimes you need to jump into the real world to make an impact. Flickr user Live U4 is uploading photos of various super-sized building mods as part of the promotion. I think I can make out the Spanish enough to figure out that this is a Nike campaign in […]

  • New email format for Yahoo! Groups

    Yahoo Groups just announced that they will embed new links in HTML emails from subscribed groups. From the notice: Get one click access to your favorite group features. If your group updated any content, you can find out from the email. Message Archive Read and reply to group messages Photos Share photos from your photo […]

  • Yahoo Video adds sharing

    Last night Yahoo Video added uploading so you can share your videos with your friends and the world. Once you’ve uploaded a video, you can add tags, email or IM a link to your video as well as cut & paste code so you can embed the video into your website or blog. The video […]